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Country&DriveRomantic Package

Un weekend a spasso con delle fantastiche auto d'epoca tra borghi medievali e boschi sconfinati.

DeliciousCountryGastronomic Package

Un finesettimana alla ricerca di un' antica tradizione enogastronomica caratterizzata dalla tipicità dei prodotti della Valle del Carpina.

Pietralunga is a beautiful town nestled in the green hills of Umbria. Surrounded by pristine forests and lush greenery is ideal for a relaxing holiday ecological, savoring traditional country and practicing many sports alla'aria open. Many accommodations for every need and hospitality of "Pietralunghesi" will make your stay unforgettable.

Depending on the season is always easy to find way to fill the days. In autumn and winter, as well as lounging in front of the fireplace, it is always advisable to visit one of the beautiful places of the Tiber Valley.

Spring and summer are the best seasons to enjoy nature and activities related to it.

Free activities

Swimming pool in Candeleto's Pinewood

PiscinaLess than two miles from the inn, tourist and sports center "Candeleto" hosts many sporting activities including a beautiful swimming pool 25x12 depth 4 meters with adjoining children's pool 3x5 with lifeguards and swimming instructors.
Immersed in the pine forest of Candeleto, 600 above sea level offers as well as a pleasant refreshing climate, a fantastic setting to switch between happy days swimming and art cities. Access to the pool is open to all at very affordable prices.

Suggested period: Summer

Horse riding

Passeggiate a cavalloThe horseback riding is another fun and enjoyable way to learn about the Valley of the Carpina and spend some 'time in full contact with nature.
Upon request expert guides will accompany you to visit the most interesting places. The walks always immersed in the green Umbria region, are of varying difficulty depending on your preparation.

Suggested period: Spring - Summer - Autumn

Trekking and Mountain Bike

TrekkingWe will provide guided tours and planned in detail the environmental guide to discover the spectacular vistas of nature. The hills of the Tiber Valley, nature takes its course and changes its smell, its colors, its landscapes. Trekking for each day of the week will allow you to fully discover the wonders of this area.

Read more details about Trekking and Mountainbike in Umbrialink

Suggested period: Spring - Summer - Autumn

Whole day around Umbria driving a Classic car

gite auto d'epocaHow to enjoy ancient villages, noble palaces, isolated churches, magnificent scenery, with the rhythms of the last century, when the rush was an unknown disease ... La Locanda del Borgo provides you with the wonderful vintage cars and Waterman 'paths of an extraordinary vacation. Do you have a day, a weekend, a week, a month? We will leave an unforgettable memory anyway.

Read more details Classic car rentlink

Suggested period: Spring - Summer - Autumn

Journey to the Center of the Earth - Visit to the caves of Monte Cucco

Grotta Half a mile of track depth, a journey into the bowels of Monte Cucco that winds between stalactites and stalagmites, tunnels, mazes and tunnels, discovering a world for many imagined. A journey to the center of the earth that becomes journey into nature, into the belly of the mountain and their feelings.

More details and bookings on Grotte del Monte Cucco official websitelink

Suggested period: Spring - Summer - Autumn



Paint-n-Pasta | Enjoy Italy, Learn painting

FormaggiThe program at Caifiordi has been specifically designed to offer a unique cross-cultural artistic experience.

During your week-long Italian adventure, you will have the opportunity to expand your painting techniques during the daily classroom instruction,
and utilize those techniques in plein air painting in medieval villages. Each day of your week in Umbria will feature a tour, and the opportunity to paint a different but equally charming hilltown. Gubbio, Montone, Umbertide, Citta di Castello, Pietralunga are all included.

Each meal of the week has been carefully planned to showcase the delicious Umbrian cuisine that varies from village to village. The culinary highlight of the week is a farewell banquet in the beautiful dining room of Locanda del Borgo that will feature typical local cuisine and wines with a descriptive commentary by the Chef.

More details at:

Shepherd's Cheese - Visit Montone - Salumi e Salami (Local cold cuts)

FormaggiShepherd's Cheese: Visit a small sheep dairy farm where you will learn about the production of Upper Tiber Valley's wonderful "pecorino" (sheep cheese)! From the sheep breeding to the seasoning of the cheese wheels. When you taste our pecorino, you will know that what you are savoring is the uniche flavor imparted by the fertile meadows of our rural areas.

Visit to medieval village of Montone: one of "Most beautiful town in italy" award winners.

Salumi e Salami (Local cold cuts): The best butchery tradition of the center of Italy began centuries ago here, on the border between Umbria, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, to give us rustic cold cuts ready to nibble, freshly sliced in the shop! Visit to the farm premises with pork and cattle breeding.

Duration: About 3h

Sips of Upper Tiber Valley - Wicker Worker Workshop

Cantina dei viniSips of Upper Tiber Valley: Discover and savor the D.O.C.
(controlled origin denomination) wines of the "Colli Altotiberini" area in an enchanting 19th century wine cellar or other typical locations, spread across the slopes of the valley. Delightful wine tastings among the casks are guaranteed!

Wicker Worker Workshop: "It's a cinch" you would say, watching him weaving baskets! Giuseppe has been weaving wicker with a passion for many, many years! You will visit his workshop, where the different stages wicker weaving will be explained!

Duration: About 3h

Pasta Amore mio (Hand-made pasta lesson)

PastaTagliatelle making demonstration and class participation in the preparation of the local special pasta! It will seem like you are entering grandmother's kitchen when you see Mrs. Maria wearing an apron and shaking her rolling pin with her sleeves already roled up! She will unveil the secrets of the perfect sheet of pastry. After the lesson, on request typical lunch/dinner in the same rural complex.

ExtraVirgin Olive Oil at the mill - Bio Farm

OlioExtraVirgin Olive Oil at the mill: The story of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fascinating one. Come and discover it at the local oil mills, where the ancient production method mingles with the newest technologies. Different mills with different production methods. taste the robust fruitness of the Upper Tiber Valley olive with rustic snacks. Only in November it is possible to visit the olive groves for the olive groves gathering!

Organic vegetable garden and educational farm: The philosophy of the organic cultivation with its respects for the environment and ourselves will be discussed at the organic farm along with information on the orchard and an explanation of the many ways to process fruits. Then enjoy sampling a bite of our delicious treats!

Duration: About 3h 30

Pottery makers tour in Upper Tiber Valley

CeramistaPottery making is one of the most deeply-rooted activities in the Upper Tiber Valley, due to the abundance if clay provided by the Tiber. Visit different artisans, each of whom will sho you his particular technique and the inspiration for his works. You will also have the opportunity to work at the wheel or decorate pottery pieces! The tour will take place in merry hamlets and let you discover tiny sacred centers.

Duration: About 3h 30

Wood carvers

intagliatoreThe craft of the wood carver is a passion more than a mere profession. He does not alter the shape of a curvy branch, but instead moulds his thoughts or his daydreams to it! Two local craftsmen show us their incredible skill in bringing to light the figures hidden in the wood. from the top to the bottom of the valley, with a stop in the medieval lovely hamlet of Santa Maria Tiberina, we will follow the thread of the creativity.

Duration: About 3h

Alpaca sheep - At the Queenbee's court

alpacaAlpaca sheep, Breeding & Whool production: Tender alpacas are waiting for you in their rough grazing meadows to show you the production of soft wool enriched by lovely natural dyeing. Rediscover rural slowness among the alpacas, along with the arts of manual wool spinning all while surrounded by the stunning views of the valley. Kids will love it!

At the Queenbee's court, Honey producing farm: At the queenbee's court you will enjoy hive products and test your abilities to make little objects from pure beeswax. learn about life within to hive: this rare example of good functioning society and taste to savor this delicious products which are also excellent natural panacea for our body

Durata del tour: 3h circa.

  • We strongly suggest to ask further information about activities and tours before your arrival.